Monday, June 20, 2011


First summer session is now over and I have some free time! I have the next two months off and they are really a good time for me to buckle down and get some work done without any distractions. I do find though that I tend to procrastinate without a "schedule". It seems I do better with deadlines and what not. Too much free time and I get lazy. I guess thats how my students feel sometimes they think oh I can do it another day and then they get to the end and go oh crap! 
 I applied to a local crafts fair that will be held in September I should know if I will be included later this week. Its a juried craft show in its infancy ( this is the second year) called Indie Craft Parade. It had a large turn out last year, about 4000 people came through in three days. 
This will be the first craft show that I have done. Most of my work usually gets sold through word of mouth, which is a blessing if you ask me. 
In thinking about my procrastinatory habits I have gotten a jump on making some work. I got in the studio over the weekend and made ten baking dishes, twelve mugs, and eight yunomi cups. I am also doing some clay/ glaze testing, trying to narrow down some problems that I have been having with cracking in the kiln. Also over the weekend I got to spend some time with my dad on fathers day, which was a nice break from all the mental overload from this last summer session of classes.  
Its late and I have to get a jump on things in the morning, or else fall victim to nasty habits of sleeping in! 

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