Saturday, October 8, 2011


It has been awhile so I felt an update was needed!  The Indie Craft Parade is over and I must say that it was a great show.  I met a lot of people and my work was well received. The hours were long and very tiring but altogether worth every moment. I hope to do it again next year. As for now I am preparing for a fall kiln opening / holiday sale the dates will be sent out later. This pic is from the booth that I had at ICP this year. 
I had some time to kill today so I decided to go to the Spruce Pine Potters Market in North Carolina.
The potters mart always intrigues me. There are just so many different potters working in various styles in the region. I came away from the show today with three nice cups. The one on the left is from Bandana Pottery. What can I say yellow crackle slip (i think) on a teabowl!  The one in the middle is from Michael Kline from Kline Pottery, I love the layered slips on this piece and the blush from the flame on the slip. The last is from Joy Tanner. The soda and flame markings are really nice on this piece as well. I think though I like the form most of all.  Slightly spherical, cylindrical, and geometric all working together.