Monday, July 1, 2013

Round and Round we go!

Round and round we go on the merry go round, or is that the banding wheel!  I can't tell anymore! Anyway its summer and things are in full swing here at the studio. I have just unloaded a fresh kiln full-o-pots!  Getting ready for a few upcoming shows and a studio sale! It always feels good to be back in the studio after a long time away. Unfortunately the wood firing has been on hold until I get the chimney of my kiln fixed. After several firings its just not holding up anymore and will need to be replaced. The rust and corrosion just have taken its toll over the years. And I fear the only thing holding the thing together is the fiber wrapped around the metal! 

                   I have made a few additions to the studio, namely a small gallery space to display pots during sales, and to get them off the wedging table.  Its not much but it will do for now, I intend to use more of the space on the floor as well with pedestals grouped together to display pots. I really need to  look more into gallery representation!

As for making pots I have been working on a few new things, I have been making large platters for sometime now, and decided to try a new direction with them. I thought slab making would be quicker and less problematic, but I have run into too many problems. Namely cracking...... which I hardly ever get with thrown platters. Case in point.

C'est La Vie I guess, back to the recycle bucket it goes! I also have been making some small what I call trinkets. They are small ceramic decorative seed pods. They are fun to make and don't take much time. I ran a few through the kiln this go round to see how they would do and like the results so far. But I want more variation in the color/surface rather than the raw clay. Played with a little slip and oxide wash, but can't quite figure where else to go with these. All in all though keeping it going while trying to make sense of it all is what the journey is all about right?